Contributed to an open source package vemcogroup/laravel-sparkpost-driver that we rely on to make a quick fix regarding the transmissions api to Sparkpost https://github.com/vemcogroup/laravel-spar...
Gave a feedback to the author @Martin Joo about his new book "Test-Driven APIs with Laravel and Pest" https://martinjoo.gumroad.com/l/tdd-api-laravel
By the end of 2021 comes the end of my amazing Journey at 34ML. 34ML team has always been and will always be a family to me that I will miss them a lot. It has been a wonderful era that I am so gra...
Wrote a thread about Uploading attachments to AWS s3 from Laravel Nova https://twitter.com/mostafakram/status/1437492618951266313?s=20
Joined a group called PRAX whom their goal was to teach young students Software Development and eventually together build a social network for kids named Arakids One of the proudest moments their t...
Attended Laracon Online 2021 thanks to Scholarship Sponsors https://twitter.com/mostafakram/status/1367389044703903747
Learnt Laravel through docs and videos from Laracasts to build my graduation project backend
Started learning iOS development using Swift on teamtreehouse.com to develop my graduation project "Greemint"
Graduated from Computer Science El Shurok Academy in Cairo, Egypt
Learnt something new with Laravel https://twitter.com/mostafakram/status/1395013113657835525